Audible Odyssey is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that aims to support the growth of the tap community in Chicago by facilitating professional collaboration, supporting the education, health and development of professional tap dance artists and producing works that broaden audience access to and interaction with the art form.

Audible Odyssey believes that Chicago can be a nerve center for the revitalization of tap dance as a contemporary, expressive art form.

By cultivating a culture of collaboration, mutual admiration, and ongoing education, A.O. aims to make Chicago a destination for tap dancers who wish to make a substantial contribution to the art form.

A.O. recognizes tap dance not only as an artistic pursuit, but a physical and mental one that requires ongoing attention to the health of tap dancers.

We aim to improve accessibility of educational and interventional resources to professional tap dancers, in order to promote both their ongoing health and their optimal performance capabilities.

A.O. also believes that, through the use of new media and a flexible approach to presentation , the audience for tap dance can grow.

Through presentation and social engagement, we aim to expand the audience for tap dance both in the breadth of its reach and the depth of its emotional investment, thus serving to solidify the art form’s relevance in contemporary society.



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