Sound Bites: 3 Tips for Making it Easy to Eat Healthy

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Tap dancers face many challenges when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. Fortunately, Alisa Bloom of Live Your Best 365 has shared with us a few key strategies that can make it a lot easier to eat well.

Prepare ahead.
Alisa asks “Can you meet yourself halfway?” Even just a little bit of preparation for your week or day can make a huge difference in the quality of your diet. And because good nutrition is tied to energy levels, mood, and both physical and mental function, a little bit of prep can mean a huge improvement in your life.

Shop Thursday and Sunday.
Shopping on Sunday helps you get prepared for the week, and shopping Thursday night helps you be ready for your weekend. Because plans often change mid-week, you are less likely to have too much food or have fresh produce go to waste if you shop for only a few days at a time. Plus, shopping twice a week can help save money because it is easier to plan only a few days in advance (instead of for a whole week) and you are more likely to purchase exactly what you need instead of more.

Use Portable Refrigeration.
Refrigerated items such as smoothies, yogurt, cheese, hummus, and hard boiled eggs can be very welcome variations to a diet that might otherwise rely heavily on jerky, peanut butter, and trail mix for protein. Added bonus if you like your fruits and veggies cold.

Smoothie images

2 nutritious ways to fuel up- best served cold.


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