Audible Odyssey

Trailblazers: Mark Yonally

While our mission is largely focused on the next generation of game-changers in the Chicago tap dance community, we cannot truly fulfill that mission without embracing everything we can learn… Read the Rest »

In Their Shoes: Kelsey Overberg

Kelsey Overberg Why she looks familiar: Kelsey continued her tap education at Oklahoma City University, getting her degree in Dance Management. She has been around Chicago volunteering/taking class at CHRP’s… Read the Rest »

In Their Shoes: Molly Vass

Molly Vass Why she looks familiar: Molly grew up tapping in Northwest Indiana and was a tapper at Hope College. While she was a student she performed and choreographed for… Read the Rest »

The Power of Pronation

Among many people, many dancers, and certainly many tap dancers, I hear a lot of discussion and questions about pronation. Dancers often tell me they “pronate” or  “pronate too much”… Read the Rest »